Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wrapping up How To week.... What to eat?

With this blog, I want to teach people what our bodies need to function optimally. To end "How To" week, I will start with some easy, basic tips. I heard a "guideline" recently that I liked. If 80% of what you eat is from the outer wall of the grocery store, you will be eating healthier. Think about what is on the outside wall of your grocer: fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy products. It is best not to eat dairy products, but occasionally you will see cheese in my recipes. I try to stick to fruits, vegetables, raw unsalted nuts, beans, lean meats, fish, eggs and raw nut butters. These are the foods our cells require. If you can picture a food in it's raw form, then it is real food. It still have some work to do. Ideally you would be using no canned or boxed food because manufacturers only have to list an ingredient if it has a certain amount of that ingredient. So, you cannot know for sure what is in food with labels. Below are some pictures of my pantry, refrigerator and fruit bowl after my weekly grocery trip. What does yours look like?

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