Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Chicken Salad with Avocado and Mango

We have been eating a LOT of salad around our house. It is just way too hot to cook with no air conditioning. It works out great, though, because we are getting to enjoy the fresh, raw deliciousness of summer produce. This salad is a version of a cobb salad without the bacon and cheese. The mango adds the best sweetness while the avocado is creamy and rich. Basically, it is perfect! 

I just made a big bowl of local lettuce and then placed all the "toppings" in separate bowls so people could add as much as they wanted of each thing. Therefore, this recipe will not have exact measurements. Just cut up as much of each ingredient as you think you need for each family member and let them have at it. I will say that one head of lettuce will feed about 2-3 people. A simple and satisfying lunch or supper. 

Serves: as many people as you want!

1 head red leaf lettuce
chopped leftover grilled chicken
chopped boiled eggs (if you need to know how to boil the perfect egg check out my previous post on it)
chopped ripe avocado
chopped bell pepper of any color
chopped tomato
diced ripe mango (i like the yellow champagne mangos)
freshly ground black pepper, optional

1. Place all the lettuce in a big bowl.
2. Place other ingredients in smaller bowls of their own. 
3. Let each family member make their own salad buffet style! 
If you have any left over, throw it all in a storage container and eat it for lunch the next day!

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