Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coming Soon... Paleo Thanksgiving Menu

I am very excited about Thanksgiving this year. It will be very different than in the past. I will admit, although I do not like to dwell on it, I am sad because I will not be with all of my family in Alabama as I have been for the past 27 years of my life. But, my in laws are coming to Colorado, and for that I am more grateful than they will ever know. In addition to them coming, the reason I am so excited is because this will be the first Thanksgiving I host and cook! It is a cooks dream. Even before we moved out to Colorado Evan and I dreamed about what thanksgiving would often now look like for us. Our dream included a healthy, whole foods thanksgiving meal with a good hike afterwards in the beauty that surrounds us. My mother in law makes the best turkey ever (whose remains makes the best stock ever :) and I hope to twist her arm to have her cook the turkey and anything else she would like so the meal also feels like tradition to them too.

But, on to the reason for all this chatter. Since I am hosting it means I get to plan the meal and all of you are going to get to benefit from this! Next week, after much recipe testing, I will be posting a Paleo Thanksgiving Menu! You may cook one recipe from it or use the whole menu. It is up to you. May you take this opportunity to have food that makes you feel grateful for eating it and not wishing, or maybe even feeling like, you were in a coma. At the end of the day, may your cells thank you for giving them what they need on a day that is so known for abandoning all logic and, as I have seen on the internet, "gobbling til you wobble." And a little hint of the yumminess to come.... the menu contains TWO delicious desserts!

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