Monday, April 22, 2013

Tuna Bacon Cakes

These are so delicious and the best part is that they are made with ingredients you probably already have on hand! I recently found Wild Planet Tuna at Costco and could not believe my eyes. I paid less than $3 per can. At the local grocer I was buying it only when it was on sale because it cost $6 a can! This tuna is so delicious. It is wild caught and not packed in anything- the can is just all meat!

We ate our patties with homemade guacamole- what is not even better with avocado!

Serves: 3 (2 patties each)
10 oz wild canned tuna, flaked
2 slices bacon, diced
1/4 medium onion, diced
2 Tbs garlic
2 Tbs Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp red pepper
1 Tbs coconut flour
1 egg, whisked
sea salt and pepper to taste (use the salt sparingly)
1. Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium heat. Add bacon. Cook until crisp. Spoon bacon onto a paper towel covered plate to drain.
2. Add onions to pan. Cook until tender- approximately 5-10 minutes. Add garlic. Cook 1 minute. Remove from heat
3. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl using a fork or your hands. Form into 6 patties
4. cook patties in the leftover bacon grease in your skillet over medium heat. Cook 5 minutes per side. Serve with homemade guacamole. 

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